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Atom Kraft? Nein Danke! IPv6 Ready

TDR Spring Cup
Datum 27.04.2012
Autor ManiacTwister
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From 30.04.2012 to 01.06.2012 the TDR Spring Coast Cup will take place. Alltogether you can win 50.000 Coppers + 25.000 Coppers in the random lottery!

Please keep in mind, that the rankings displayed ingame are calculated by the normal database! The Cup rankings are stored in a seperate database and can be viewed ''here

1. Serverrank - 17.500 Coppers
2. Severrank - 12.500 Coppers
3. Serverrank - 7.000 Coppers
4. Serverrank - 5.000 Coppers
5. Serverrank . 3.000 Coppers
Most finishes (but not serverrank 1-5!) - 5.000 Coppers
Random lottery - 25.000 Coppers

Servername: Oldsacks Spring Cup (normally Oldsacks on Coast one)
Location: Germany - North Rhine Westphalia - Dortmund
Join Link: ''tmtp://#join=maniac_tdr_oldsacks1

There is no registration needed, just join the Server and play & have fun!
Rules: No cuts, no cheats, keep friendly and have fun!

Zum Bewerten musst du registriert und angemeldet sein!

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